5 Reasons young people go foreign country to work


It’s a big world out there and it can definitely seem a little daunting sometimes, but living and working abroad can have so many advantages. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’re making a move to work in a different country.

Here are 5 reasons why you should make that move:

#1 Self Development

Moving to a different country and working in a different environment gives you exposure to a different culture and different people. It gives you a different perspective that puts you out of your comfort zone and while it may take some time, you’ll realize a different side of you that may have never existed.

From small things like figuring out transportation to how to say ‘hello’ in another language – you would learn how to just depend on yourself rather than another person and it would lead to leanings and self-development.

#2 Learn a Different Language

Imagine working in a Country like China where the widely spoken language is Mandarin and only a percentage in the single digits may be able to understand you.

It would seem a little daunting at first but who knows – maybe in a matter of weeks, the shopkeeper would be able to understand the broken Mandarin that spouts of your mouth and soon enough, you’d be able to joke with your colleagues in their native language.

Another benefit is obviously adding it to your resume.

#3 Gain A Global and Professional Perspective

Living in India and working in a Marketing Firm is not the same as living in Egypt and working in a Marketing Firm.

It could be a little difficult to understand – but living and working in another country gives you a more global view of your industry; an outlook that would have otherwise been confined to the Indian Working Environment.

You’ve also gained the important skill of adjusting to any international working environment.

#4 Add to your Resume

Imagine yourself in a scenario. Person A is pitted against Person B for the same job. Person A worked as an AIESEC INTERN in a Company in Germany for one year, whereas Person B worked in India for the same period.

The HR Manager would prefer Person A, for that person, would have much more to offer to the Company that Person B.

Going on an internship and working abroad really adds so much – not only to your Resume but also to yourself.

#5 Networking Opportunities

You won’t ever get another experience like this where you work in a different country and interact with various individuals in the same Industry.

Working with such people allows you to gain various contacts that give you a unique skill set and experience that you wouldn’t get otherwise and really adds to your overall career.

So, what are you waiting for? Living and working abroad has so many benefits, and the above are just some of the few. Gaining a new experience, meeting different people and stepping out of your comfort zone contribute to your career and to your overall development.

Of course, it’s not all easy, but if approached in a positive manner, this experience could turn out to be one of the best decisions of your life!

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