A mystical feeling- Love

It was Monday and I was very busy in preparing for the upcoming event of a great singer who was here for promoting social activities in schools. In that huff I totally forgot that I had an interactive session with the school children. I hurriedly called my assistant for the venue, topic and other required information. To my surprise, the meeting was today and I was totally unprepared for it. . I had to speak on the importance of love and affection as most of them lacked it in this tech savvy world. I just had 15 minutes to form my speech.

On my way there, I somehow managed to memorize a story. It was a story of a small boy Kamlesh. I found it appropriate and hence decided to move forward with it. It was a huge auditorium full of young innocent children. All the children had settled and huge round of applause emerged when I entered the auditorium. The principal gave a short introductory speech and handed over the mike to me. I had a short ice breaking session and then started off.

I asked them what is the most important and a rare emotion in today’s world? There were various answers but someone managed to give the right answer and that is love. I continued saying, ‘Love’ here does not mean the love between two different individuals only. It also includes love between parents and children, in between two friends, in a family and in between many uncountable relations. We often do the mistake of underestimating the real power of love. Love is such an impeccable weapon that it can nurse any wound however deep and big it may be. The only one thing person in the today’s world lack is the feeling to being love. The real feeling of being loved has become so rare like a beam of sunlight in a snow covered Island. On meeting a small boy, Kamlesh on my visit to a municipal school, I relearned the importance of love and how much of it is missing from our life.

Kamlesh was a small boy of about 9-10 years with olive coloured skin tone. He was short and stout. His eyes always sparkled with ray of hope and his face glowed with happiness. He and his sister were among those children whose stationery and books were provided by us. They lost their father in a tragic accident at a construction site where he used to work. Their family was left helpless with no one around them to take care. There came a day when they were short of money. All their saving was used in getting basic necessities. Their situation got so deteriorated that they had to stop Kamlesh and his sister’s schooling. But somehow we managed to contact them and started providing them with materials. Every month we would supply them with a set of stationeries, books and a pack of chocolates for both of them.

Few months back, I was shocked to hear that their mother, who frequently fell ill, died of cancer. The world became upside down for both the children. Now, they were left all by themselves. I was so moved by the shock that I personally checked that both of them were fine and had proper facilities. As their uncle and aunt were also poor they could not afford a lavish lifestyle but they could provide them with two meals a day and proper shelter. Lately, I realized that they were least concerned of the materials we provide them. They had started to take them all for granted. Still something in my heart urged me to continue delivering the material to them.

On one occasion, I called Kamlesh to my office with a hope of providing them more things to ease their life. When I was giving him, Kamlesh said something which stirred me. He said that instead of giving us all this materials can you please hug me pull my cheeks like our mother used to do. He claimed that they were like a burden on their uncle. Nobody has loved them after the demise of their mother.  I stood there motionless for a second. I thought providing them with all books stationeries and chocolates will bring them happiness but I was completely mistaken. The real thing which the children craved for was love. A feeling that they are still loved and wanted by somebody. I hugged him tight, pulled his cheeks and patted his back with affection. I could see a glee in his smile and a glimmer in his eyes which I have never seen before.

When I asked him to take the material, he refused. He proudly stated that he has found a job at a chappal vendor and earns enough to fulfil his and his sister’s needs. He was so cheerful after getting a hug that he said that he will go home and pull everybody’s cheek, give everyone a hug no matter how their behaviour was. I realized that it is not the story of Kamlesh only; everybody in this world has the same story; crave for the same thing- Love. A small hug, a small pat on our back can create wonders and motivate us to live our life whole heartedly. From this story, we get an inspiration that we should try and spread as much love as we can because that is the only thing lacking in today’s world which no amount of money can fulfil.

As I ended there was again a huge round of applause. I pulled off the speech quite well and the most important part was that the children were able to grasp what I had said. The program ended on a high note and I went home with a satisfied feeling that I was able to teach something good to this small innocent children.


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