The Person

img3Amitabh Shah is a leader, friend, social entrepreneur, innovator and a motivational speaker in that order. He is an exception who walked away from the Wall Street to drive people and change in the local streets of Gujarat. He is a Yale graduate who turned down a fulfilling opportunity at JP Morgan and started off as a social entrepreneur working towards the upliftment of the underprivileged section of society in India. With the undying support of his five close associates, Amitabh initiated the Yuva Unstoppable movement in 2005. Ten years down the line, the Yuva movement has been acknowledged by the finest minds in the country and has received monumental support from both the public and private sectors respectively.

The movement stems from a strong belief that if the youth of our country are sensitized, and instilled with values like confidence and compassion, they can transform it into a super power of the world. But words without action are dead. And thus, the Yuva core team has been working diligently ever since to motivate the privileged to contribute two hours of their time every week and make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged. This juggernaut of a movement has been successful in bridging the societal gap and touch the lives of over 2,50,000 people thus far.

As a first, Amitabh’s efforts have not only attracted corporate support, but also support in kind from the top management of various corporations in India who have personally spent time with the underprivileged for the therapeutic value and flavor of the service. Yuva Unstoppable today is powered by over 1,20,000 highly motivated citizen volunteers working out of 32 offices across India – A feat for any NGO working without a funding structure. Amitabh was honored with the “Princess Prize” for ‘Innovative Philanthropy’ from none other than Prince Albert II, the Monarch of Monaco. Jack Ma, China’s wealthiest entrepreneur, was a close second on the list. The ceremony was attended by 40 of the wealthiest philanthropists across the world. Before Yuva Unstoppable, Amitabh served as the Executive President of the Times of India Foundation and as the Chairman of the Youth Wing of the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce.

Amitabh is an extremely honest and vivacious soul, and the secret to his success is his contagious positivity. Apart from driving the Yuva Unstoppable movement, Amitabh is a motivational speaker who has been engaging and inspiring young audiences across India to be Unstoppable.