An Anger Defeater- Hug

It was an ordinary Monday evening. I, with my few friends was sitting on the huge oak table in my well lighted living room.  Lot of ideas were popping up from everybody’s minds for a charity event to be conducted next week, some caused serious discussion while some caused a sudden gush of laughter.  Whenever we deviated I brought all of them back on the topic so that wastage of time could be avoided.

It was 7 in the evening and my mom was about to come. She was one amazing personality. I adored her a lot. She ran her own Public speaking class and was very successful. But today she was late, there seemed to be a lot of burden of her work. She came home after an hour all tired and exhausted. As soon as she entered the house she saw 6-7 hungry faces looking at her. She understood she is having a long day with lots of work to do as the servant was on a leave. She threw her bag on the couch and thumping her feet, she went into the kitchen. I sensed the coming problem and immediately asked my friends to leave as a volcano was about to erupt.

Suddenly an angry voice came from the kitchen, “Am I a servant? Come down and help me” I knew it was for dad. Hearing that, he came down from his room. He was cool and calm as ever. He quietly went into the kitchen. As he entered mom again said shouted, “You think I am your servant? Help me in preparing dinner.” Dad behaved deaf as usual. He faced mom and gently, with a puppy face said, “Did you say anything?” and went back in his room. Whenever mom shows him some work, he managed to behave deaf. Now, I precisely knew that I was the next target and the bigger tantrum was to land on me.

I knew I was not good at cooking. Back in Atlanta also, all my friends used to help me. All I could do was chopping vegetables that also improperly. An irritated voice again came from the kitchen, “come on, get up! Come in the kitchen and help me now.”  I knew this was for me. I tiptoed towards the kitchen and looked in as a shy child. Mom was heavily sweating. Sweat beads were all over her forehead and she was clearly fuming. I went up her and hugged her. She slightly pushed me away and said, “You can hug me later on. I am busy right now.” As she said that I hugged her tightly, I could feel her stiff body loosening up.

There was a sudden change in her tone. She gently said,” I am fine son, go finish your work. I know you are good for nothing in the kitchen.” Saying that she signalled me to go back to my room. I realized how a simple gesture can change somebody’s mood so much. From this small incident I realized the importance of love in our lives. We often forget to show it to people in our fast moving lives. From today, I decided to show small gestures of love to all my near and dear ones.

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