Appreciation gives Happiness…

As we were an organisation consisting of youths, we planned to conduct some workshops which will help them in their life and make them better human beings. So we conducted a workshop named ‘young and Innovative minds’ where in we chatted to the people in the age of 14-25 years about various problems of the societies as well as their life. As we started talking to them we came to know that most of them hate their parents; they don’t like talking to them. Reason was very obvious. They keep on telling us for things we don’t do. Some of them poured their frustration on me by saying what their parents used to tell me. You did not put the glass back in the kitchen, you did not hang your towel properly, why don’t you eat vegetables, with whom were you going out, what time you will come back etc.

As I was the one who was conducting the workshop they asked me to find an appropriate solution to their problem. I asked them to me one week time and within that time I will come up with a solution. On my way back home I realized that even my responses to my mother were not proper when she used to tell me about the things I need to do. I realized that sometimes even I used to face the same problem. I reached back home and according to my daily routine, I started meditating. This is that part of my day where my mind is very calm and I take most important decisions during this time. Moreover, I could find better solutions to the problems during this time only. Hence, I closed my eyes and started thinking.

While I was thinking, I remembered what one of my friends had told me. He apprehended that what we lacked in our life is appreciation. What is that we expect from our parents. Funds for education, luxuries of life etc. But all this are secondary things. What we expect most is appreciation.  Appreciation for the work we do. He gave an example. If we are a good dancer, musician or a painter we want our parents to appreciate us for the skills we posses. Same way what is that that our parents expect from us?  Score good marks, Top in the class etc.  But the most important thing that they want is also appreciation. Appreciation for the work they do, for all the facilities they provide to us.

If we just say one sentence of appreciation to them it might give them immense pleasure. So I first started it with my mom. As it’s rightly said that ‘Charity begins at home’. I started appreciating my mom everyday for her dressing style and the care she used to take. I used to appreciate her saying that,” You run an entire business still take care of everybody’s food needs in the family” at the end of week her nagging came down from 20 to 10 and within a month it came down from 10 to 2.  Initially she used to appreciate my skills to the outside world only but now she started appreciating me in the house also. I comprehended that mothers nagging did not reduce but my love for her grew which made me particular in keeping all the things in place.

I told all my friends about the magical power of appreciation. I also explained to them that it’s not the nagging of the family member that will reduce; it is our love for them which will increase day by day and make us particular and our parents pleased. So I requested all of them to use this powerful yet harmless weapon of appreciation to make their life less complex and family more contented.

I realized that such small things help us solve many big problems. From this workshop I learned the magic of appreciation which did not reduce the nagging but also increased the love for my family which I guess was the most important thing. I decided on planning many more workshops like this with the hope that its benefits will not only change the bonding of few families but of the entire society.

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