Being Fearless

It was a calm and pleasant morning. As I woke up I could hear sweet cooing of the birds. It was after many weeks that I had woken up so early in the morning. I got up and reached the window, I could see sun shining like a red fire ball going up in the sky, the milkman jingling on his cycle and the newspaper wala rapidly throwing the newspapers precisely in the people’s balcony as he whooshed through the lane. The beauty of the morning was soothing to my soul.

But it was not a regular morning in our family. There was no sign of early morning calmness in our house. As I got out of my room, I could see chaos and commotion all around in the house. The house was cleaned thoroughly, I could hear mom telling today’s breakfast menu to the cook with a long list of instructions. I could smell tasty sweet dishes being cooked. All these preparations were for my grandmother who was to arrive today morning from our village.

She was very well known as nuclear bomb in our family because of her spontaneous personality. Her anger was perennial. She was very authoritative and frank woman who always strived for perfection. Whenever she used to come here, it would result into a test to my patience because of her stubborn behaviour. But whenever she came, she would unknowingly teach me a wonderful lesson for life which could be hardly taught.

 Few months back, when she came to stay with us, she taught me a lesson which I immensely lacked. I still remember it was Saturday morning and according to my daily routine I was meditating in my room. Meditation would bring my ruffled mind to rest and help me take better decisions. When I noticed such things, I make it a part of my daily routine. It was hardly 10 minutes that I had started; my grandma came in fuming as lava before volcanic eruption, shouting to take her to the doctor. I told her that I will take her after 30 minutes as I was meditating. Then she used her most common weapon, she said, “I am 88 year old lady who is not feeling well can you please take me to the doctor” I had no other option but to take her to the doctor.

                        I drove to the doctor’s clinic. When we reached there, the entire parking place was full. Before I could ask the watchman where else to park the car, grandma shouted at the watchman. This was again her most common argument to get her work done. She shouted at him, “I am 88 year old lady who is not feeling well and needs a doctor. Can you please let us park our car near the gate?” I knew that the watchman won’t allow as so I started brainstorming my mind how to explain her that that gate was the entrance gate and nobody can park the car there. But to my surprise, the watchman allowed us to park our car there.

                      We reached the waiting room near the doctor’s cabin. There we saw a long queue of people waiting to see the doctor. Grandma went in the middle of the waiting lounge and again shouted,” I am 88 year old lady who is not feeling well can you please let me see the doctor first?” My mouth fell open and this time I got completely embarrassed as all the people sitting in the waiting lounge were staring at us. I again brainstormed my mind how to convince grandma to wait. Before I could apologize to everybody, they all allowed grandma to see the doctor first.  I was surprised. She went in and I accompanied her in the cabin.

                     While we were driving back, I recalled the entire incident. I thought that how fearlessly this old lady asked everybody to cooperate, without thinking what people will talk about her (or) how they will be judging her. Every time she spoke her mind without any ego, with fearing anybody. We being young people tend to think about so many things like what people will say about me, they will not listen to me etc which makes us fearful. Whereas this old lady with this small incident taught me to be fearless and speak my heart which so many years of life could not teach me. There is one famous quote in Gujarati which perfectly get applied in this incident, ‘bole ena bor vechay’ i.e. the person who speaks can get his/her work done.

I came out of the flash back and I realized that I was late. I had to go to the railway station to pick her up. I rushed to pick her up with a hope that this time also I will get some golden lessons to learn from her.

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