Breaking the walls…

It was summer time and we were thinking how we help children who were deprived of basic education so I with Kruti, John, Mahesh and Sapna were planning to start a summer camp for such children. We had decided a curriculum which would help them in their future with the help of my friend who was a primary school teacher. Now, we were in a dilemma whether which area to start from. Then, one of my colleagues suggested me to do something different and teach in a Muslim area of Ahmadabad, Juhapura. We chose Juhupura and started teaching the children there

We started teaching them with basic Mathematics, English, Art and Craft activities, Dramatics, Dancing etc. We taught the children of Juhupura for almost 6 months. At the end of our half yearly programme we decided to take them to the H.L College of Commerce in Ahmedabad. It is amongst the top colleges in Ahmedabad for higher education. Our main aim was to inspire those children to dream big, get into such colleges and hence make a good living.

So as planned, we took them to H.L. College. The principal, Dr. M.S. Kelshikar was requested to address the students and motivate them. After which, we got them to attend one of their classes so that they would know how the actual education world felt like. By then, it was evening time so all of us along with the children played cricket. We got some snacks for them and after we all had snacks one amazing thing happened.

A boy named Salman came up to me. He told me that its evening and I should do my namaaz. I was very surprised why he told that to me. I then told him that I was not a Muslim and neither were John, Kruti and Mahesh. Salman was very astonished. He called all his friends and told them that these people who were teaching them since all these days were not Muslim and were still helping us. On inquiring him I came to know that his belief was there because his mother used to tell him that Hindus are not good and we should stay away from them as they can harm us. Salman told me that he will go and tell his mother that Hindus are good. They helped all the children very much.

One thing which I came to know that these children have developed hatred feeling right from their young age, which only kindness can shred it away.  One should never discriminate on the basis of anyone’s religion and that is something very important which needs to taught to that children. We decided to pull down all the manmade walls of caste, creed and races by kindness. So we established our first centre there and carried off our work at such other places.


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