Building Rapport

In life we have to deal with many unwanted situations and difficult people and whether we want it or not we need to face them and get our own work done. Even I got into one such situation. We had planned of constructing water taps in the small villages on the outskirts of Ahmadabad. It was a big project and we needed permission from the sarpanch of that village. Our first village was Dholka, located few kilometers away from Ahmadabad. So as planned I decided to go and meet the sarpanch, Mr. Ramlal.

On inquiring little bit about the Sarpanch, I came to know that he did not have a good reputation of being friendly or considerate. We were in a dilemma regarding what to do and how to overcome this situation. The approval for this proposal was very important. I sat wondering how I will get our proposal passed. I remember what my teacher has told me when I was about to go for my placements interview. According to her, basic information about the interviewer’s interests and background might help us somewhere.

Thinking that, I decided to do some background research about the minister. I found out that the man was really fond of poetry. In fact he had 3 published poetry books and found my way out. My plan of action was ready. I decided to take one of my colleagues with me who was very good in writing prose and poem in case I need help. We got up early next morning, and went.

It was a beautiful day. Clouds full of water were roaring in the sky. It seemed as if it was going to rain any moment now. The road to Dholka was amazing. Long unending road with trees and fields on both side made my soul bounce to life again. I realized in this busy life we often forget to enjoy the beauty of the Mother Nature. As the atmosphere was good, I assumed that Mr. Ramlal will be in a good mood. We reached there in about 45 minutes as there was no traffic on road.

As we entered his bungalow, we saw a big garden full of beautiful flora. Apart from that his bungalow had big windows which clearly showed his love for nature. We went in. We were sitting in the waiting lounge when the receptionist called us and gave us 10 minutes to meet him.

As we moved in; we were shocked to see that instead of sitting in a proper conference room, he was sitting in the open space in the middle of the house. Old houses in villages were made in such a way with open space in between.

“Good morning sir” I said

He replied with a smile “Good Morning, please have a seat” “my assumption was correct” I thought in my mind.

“Now was the time to act” I thought and started speaking.

“Sir first of all I would like to ask you that who inspired you to write poems. Your poems are really beautiful”

He had the biggest smile on his face and started explaining his inspirations in mountains and birds. He told us how he loves nature. What inspired him to build a house like this. How much importance nature holds in his life etc. Our work was half done. 10 minutes were long lost gone and it had been half an hour we had been listening to his tales of poetry. At the end of 50 minutes he asked us our purpose of visit and we handed our proposal. We already had a rapport with him and this was like a bang on time.

“This is wonderful. Please go ahead” he told us.
He asked us to visit someday if we wished to hear some more of his poetries. We meeting ended on a very happy and high note. Our work became very easy as we were able to build a proper rapport with the sarpanch by just doing some background research about him. Not only that paying attention to the last word of any sentence that would help you talk to the person more

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