Understanding power- A key to happiness.


The Story :

On one fine day,I was rushing to the office as I was late,it was a rainy day and many roads were clogged due to that I had to take a longer route. And I got late! As I entered my office I heard people talking loudly, in fact, they were shouting and quarrelling and there was no happiness at all.

I reached there and asked what the matter was. On inquiring I came to know that there was some misunderstanding between two of our volunteers and it caused the row. Fights and quarrels between the volunteers were seriously disliked by me so I asked everybody to get back on their work and those two to meet me in my cabin.

Those two volunteers were Bina and Monish. Bina was very hardworking and sincere person where Monish was a carefree and fun loving person. Both of them lived with happiness and were the True heroes of the organisation.

As they in, I asked them the entire matter in detail. I understood that it was nobody’s mistake but just lack of understanding power. I asked both of them to calm down and the told them a story.

A few years back, we were living in Chanakyapuri located in Delhi.  At that time, I and one friend of mine got an opportunity to meet a legendary spiritual guru. We both went in my car to that venue which was 10-12 km away from Chanakyapuri.

We attended the program, met the dignitary but on our way back we did not have the car as our driver had to go urgently to somewhere. So we decided to take the rickshaw from near the main road.We reached the main road. It was the bright sunny day.

Sun was shining right above our heads and heat waves were clearly felt. We tried to stop many rickshaws but nobody was ready to stop. They swiftly passed beside us but did not stop. One, two, three…. like this 5 rickshaws went without stopping. Luckily, the 6 rickshaw stopped.

The man driving the auto astonished us. He was a man of 100 kg. Short and plum. His skin was dark like Negros.  He wore golden rings on all his fingers and thick golden chains in his neck. His look resembled a Goon or a typical “Bhai”. Looking at him we could see a smaller version of Munnabhai from ‘Lage Raho MunnaBhai’. He stopped but he had one condition.

According to that condition, we have to pay him 120 bucks instead of 80. We happily agreed to him as it was scorching hot and we wanted to go home.

We sat in and he started driving. Once he started we could feel that we were sitting in F1’s racing car and Michael shoemaker was driving. That person drove so fast that we doubted we would reach Chanakyapuri alive or not.

We both were looking at our frightened faces. My friend joked that at least we would be satisfied that before dying we could meet such legendary artist.

We were driving near the wall of the over bridge when suddenly a biker came in full speed and dashed with the rickshaw. The auto was about to overturn but the driver somehow managed to balance it.

The biker went ahead and stopped at the crossroad as the signal turned red. The auto driver was fuming with anger. He was breathing heavily which clearly showed how angry he was.

When we reached the crossroad he spotted the bike rider and made his way through all the vehicles. He asked us to wait and watch. We both thought that a major fight is going to take place. He reached to the biker and asked him to take off his helmet. The biker took out his helmet with the force which gave us inundation that Ramayana, Mahabharata is going to take place.

But what the auto driver did really shocking for us. He in a very calm tone asked the biker if he was lost, whether he was finding some place or what. The biker told him is agony. He said that he has been travelling here and there as all the people were showing him different routes.

He said he wanted to go Sipi. The auto driver immediately took his rickshaw back and told him that he has to go right. When he came back I asked him what was the reason which made him so calm and helping the biker instead of hitting him.

What that auto-rickshaw driver said impressed us and his respect in our eyes grew. He said that initially, even he used to get very angry at people who used to drive in such reckless manner. But one day he promised his wife that he will never get angry and will try to control his anger as far as possible.

He also stated that people drive in differently in different situations. One will be driving slowly if he is finding any location, very fast if he is late and has to reach somewhere on time etc. He said that he was able to identify the frustration of the biker and thus went to help him.

My friend got very impressed by the driver and he wanted to give him 500 bucks for his thoughts and deeds. But the auto driver was so down to earth that when he was offered 500 bucks he refused to take it. But on insisting he took it saying that I will charge you 120 bucks only, next to all the passengers who sit my rickshaw will get the free ride till the amount reaches 380 bucks. Such high understanding power and control over his anger made him richer than anyone having tonnes of money.

But on insisting he took it saying that I will charge you 120 bucks only, next to all the passengers who sit my rickshaw will get the free ride till the amount reaches 380 bucks. Such high understanding power and control over his anger made him richer than anyone having tonnes of money.

Conclusion for happiness :

I told them that my main aim through this story was to explain them the importance of understanding in our life. If we start understanding others our half problems will automatically disappear. Understanding is the key to happiness in life. Both of them agreed to develop a good tuning between them and work all the things out. They apologised and started with their work. Even I started my work with a happiness and hope that such quarrels don’t happen again.

They apologised and started with their work. Even I started my work with a happiness and hope that such quarrels don’t happen again.

Try and Try until you succeed


The Story of try :

It was a busy day. I had back to back events to attend.  Amongst them, I had to be a judge of a Drama competition to be held at one of the organizations we were working on collaboration. I believe in dressing properly no matter what so I was already ready, just took my belongings and left. The competition started.

I saw one of the most amazing child actors on the stage. I was mesmerized by their performance. But there was a small boy. He was the lead of his play. He seemed very nervous and could not speak his dialogues well. In fact, at many times he forgot and just kept staring at the audience.

The competition started. I saw one of the most amazing child actors on the stage. I was mesmerized by their performance. But there was a small boy. He was the lead of his play. He seemed very nervous and could not speak his dialogues well. In fact, at many times he forgot and just kept staring at the audience.

Looking at him I remembered my childhood days when I got nervous and could not speak. The boy got disheartened and he started crying and ran from the stage. I felt very bad for him and went to talk to him. I gave him a hug and tried to console him.

I told him my story when I was young and got into the same situation.

I started narrating him as he stopped crying. Before many years, I got an opportunity to judge a public speaking competition with the audience of 100 people organized by the personality development classes ran by my mom.

At that time, I was about 16-17 years of age so judging an entire event made me very excited. I immediately agreed to it. At that time I thought that public speaking will be an easy task and I will be able to do it well. Hence I, along with my Uncle’s 22-year-old daughter was finalized as the panel for judging.

The day when the competition was to be held came. I was very exhilarated for the event since morning. I got ready quickly and went to the venue with my Mum. The competition started. Contestants started coming one after the other.

Each one was better than the last. Looking at them I thought public speaking is so easy that anyone can get the hang of it and give a perfectly articulated speech which can hold the audience’s attention until the end.

The competition got over. Time to announce the results came.  There is a tradition that the judges who come to announce the results boost the confidence of the other contestants so that they don’t lose hope. So according to that I mentally jotted down the points which I was going to speak.

The anchor called the judges on stage. Will full enthusiasm I went up.  As soon as I faced the audience, I saw more than 100 faces eagerly looking at me. I got anxious and forgot everything which I was supposed to say. My legs started shivering and the jingle in my voice was lost. When I started speaking a squeamish voice came out.

I got so nervous that I wasn’t able to speak properly and I thought of handing over the mike to the other judge. I am pretty sure that nobody could ever get into any more embarrassing situation than this.

But that day I learned to face situations rather than running away. I collected all my courage and started speaking again. As I started speaking my voice gradually became normal and my legs stopped shivering.

I was able to complete my entire speech though not properly as expected but was able to complete and that was all that mattered to me. And after that incident whenever I get a chance I always grab the opportunity and practice public speak.

If I had stopped speaking that day or had never continued to speak after that event, I would have probably never learned it. Today I was able to do it properly and with so much confidence is because I tried and kept on trying till I got the hang of it.

The Conclusion of try story :

I told him that my message through this story was that never lose hope. Keep on trying until you succeed because nothing is difficult. It only looks difficult until we try.

So, keep on trying and keep on succeeding. There was a beautiful glee on his face. He was relieved that everybody gets into such situation but the most important part is how we come out of it.  As he had learned the lesson, I wished him all the best and went as the competition was still going on. I was glad that I could help that little boy.

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True hero

true hero

It was spring, greenery was spreading everywhere. Our work going was going smooth as there were many volunteers on the board. So, all the full-time volunteers decided to go to a nearby orphanage. We always used to conduct workshops for children there.  A meeting was conducted in which we planned all the games and activities and then all of us went.  Even I went with all of them as spending time with children always gave me happiness. It was 30-45 minutes run and then we reached there. It was a beautiful place, perfect for children. A big play ground and spaciousness were a cherry on the top.

A meeting was conducted in which we planned all the games and activities and then all of us went.  Even I went with all of them as spending time with children always gave me happiness. It was 30-45 minutes run and then we reached there. It was a beautiful place, perfect for children. A big playground and spaciousness were a cherry on the top.

We had an ice-breaking session and then started playing games kabaddi, kho-kho and many other games. We had also got snacks for them so after playing we gave them that. All of them were eating, when a young girl came to me. She was asking many questions  like what type of people are there in this world, how to deal with them and all. Her inquisitiveness about the world really impressed me. She was preparing herself to face the outside world. So, I took her in a garden and started explaining everything to her.

There are two types of people in this world. One that makes us feel positive, their presence inspires us to work harder in life, and they make us feel good and encourage us. On the other hand, there are these pessimistic people whose presence makes work difficult for us.  They often discourage us from trying something new because of their pessimistically confined behaviour. I, refer those negative people as ‘Pappu’ as they drain out all the energy from our self. They are always gloomy, hurt and depressed and make the environment around them also sad. I decided to tell her a story of an old lady whom I once met.

Some months back, I used to regularly visit an old age home located on the outskirts of Ahmadabad. There we were engaged in helping that old age home by supplying them with food, basic necessities and medicines. There was an old lady named ‘Govidaa baa’ I had a habit of going and chatting with every old person living there. One day when I was chatting with her, she told me,” Son, you are doing all good work but I need my BP medicines. My poor daughter does not earn much. It would be of a great help if you provide me with my medicines.” The medicines amounted to 500 bucks per month and we could easily afford that so I assured her that I will make arrangements for her.

Next time when I visited, she again started saying,” My daughter lives in a very pitiable condition. Her husband thrashes her and does not respect her. It would be of a great help if you could help her file a police complain against him.”I was shocked to hear that her daughter was of the age of 60 years and this was her third marriage. I told her that I cannot file a FIR against anybody but I surely go and talk to them regarding this.

So, I went to their home. Looking at that man, I felt he is so feeble that he can hardly kill an ant, thrashing his wife who is a very heavy lady seemed less convincing. Still I chatted with him and tried my best to make him understand the importance of respecting women. After few days, that old lady again called. This time she was requesting me to find a better job for her daughter. She was in one of those people whom we give for finger and they hold our hand. I arranged for a proper job for her in a municipal school where she earned a decent sum of 7000 Rs per month.

I thought that now they might stop calling me, but the frequency of calls increased. Now, when I see her call it used to give me a disgusted feeling. I started avoiding their calls. One day I got a call from that old lady’s daughter. She wanted me to give the details of her daughter in a marriage bureau. She wanted me to find a boy for her daughter. She said as I must be having some contacts in the marriage bureau and thus wanted me to do it. I did not like doing it still I helped her.

I realized that by constantly providing them with help and support is making them handicap. One day she called me again, I, reluctantly picked it u. This time she was asking help for her brother who wanted to start a business. She wanted me to lend him a sum of 50000 Rs as he wanted to start his own business. I denied them as they had forgotten all the good I have done to their family. She started accusing me of saying that rich people like you, make us see big dreams but does not help us in fulfilling them. They were trying me form an emotional guilt on me. Every time I used to talk to that old lady, she used to tell me I am old, I am not well, my daughter does not earn, her husband thrashes her etc. But some where I felt that the reality was different. Her daughter’s husband was so petty; he came down and touched my feet. In a very polite tone, he asked me if I felt he can hit anyone. So, from that day I stopped talking to them. I had cut all my connections with them.

After the period of 6 months, I came to know that all of them very doing well. That old lady’s health was fine, her daughter was earning well, everything was fine between her and her husband. Moreover, her brother has also started a business by taking money from another source. That day, I realized that some people we need to love from distance and cut them off from our life. Because, they are like slow poison. They will slowly and gradually bring us down. We should always surround our self with heroes. And by heroes here, I mean positive and energetic people.

I told her that from this story I want her to understand that all the people whom me meet are not meant to stay in our life. Some people should be loved from distance. The people who bring us down, talk pessimistically with us, about us should be removed from our life. Surrounding our self with positive people will bring positivity in our life. If a pessimistic person is our very close member then we should try to influence them and bring positivity in their life instead of us getting affected by their pessimism. All the people who are positive are heroes; they can be a slum child, an intern or a famous celebrity also. So, ‘be a hero and spread positivity’. There was a big smile on her face. She thanked me and ran away. As it was late evening we all also left for our homes caring beautiful memories of this small innocent children.

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The Magic of Helping….


The Story :

It was a normal day, but all the work was not going normally. I saw that people were not cooperating with each other and there was a huge chaos in the office. I always want the work to function properly and more importantly its volunteers to be satisfied. If they are not able to help each other how will they help the outside world?  So I called an urgent meeting of all the volunteers and decided to share a story with them.

If they are not able to help each other how will they help the outside world?  So I called an urgent meeting of all the volunteers and decided to share a story with them.

As all of them came, I started. Some time back, I and my friend were traveling from Mumbai to Ahmadabad by a flight. We were given the side rows which usually have 3 seats. When the flight took off, there was a man sitting diagonally to us.

He was light toned, fat man. Looking at him, I could assume that his height was approximate 6 feet 2 inches. It was clearly seen that he was very uncomfortable in his seat.

As soon as the flight took off, he called the air hostess and started shouting at her. “Why did you give me such a seat when I had asked you to give me a seat with large leg space.” he further exclaimed,” Why don’t you all understand, a tall man like me cannot fit in a small seat like this.”.

The air hostess were trying to calm him by offering him juices, snacks etc. But he was firm in his decision and forced them to change his seat. I saw people sitting beside him and in front laughing. Air hostesses tried to persuade him to sit on the same seat as it was only a 40-minute flight.

Moreover, the flight was going full so they were unable to shift him somewhere else. He got so angry and frustrated that he asked them to make him sit in the pilot’s seat if they have a place anywhere else. Hearing this, all the people sitting nearby started laughing at him.

The air hostess were trying to calm him by offering him juices, snacks etc. But he was firm in his decision and forced them to change his seat. I saw people sitting beside him and in front laughing. Air hostesses tried to persuade him to sit on the same seat as it was only a 40-minute flight.

Moreover, the flight was going full so they were unable to shift him somewhere else. He got so angry and frustrated that he asked them to make him sit in the pilot’s seat if they have a place anywhere else. Hearing this, all the people sitting nearby started laughing at him.

Moreover, the flight was going full so they were unable to shift him somewhere else. He got so angry and frustrated that he asked them to make him sit in the pilot’s seat if they have a place anywhere else. Hearing this, all the people sitting nearby started laughing at him.

He got so angry and frustrated that he asked them to make him sit in the pilot’s seat if they have a place anywhere else. Hearing this, all the people sitting nearby started laughing at him.

For some time even, I made fun and laughed at his situation. But then I realized how much pain he was going through. I thought for some time and then decided to exchange my seat with him. When I told this to him, there was little relief seen on his grumpy face.

We exchanged our seats. I could see that he was quite comfortable on my sit as there was enough leg space. The head of air hostesses came and thanked me for the co-operation and expressed her gratitude towards me. All through the way, I received special care and service for this.

We exchanged our seats. I could see that he was quite comfortable on my sit as there was enough leg space. The head of air hostesses came and thanked me for the co-operation and expressed her gratitude towards me. All through the way, I received special care and service for this.

The person sitting next to me said that he was also thinking to exchange his seat with him. To which I replied, “why were you thinking only, why didn’t you implement?” The person got baffled; he did not know what to say. When we landed, air hostesses again thanked me and for the help I did, they took me on the tour of the cockpit. I was contented that I could relieve somebody who was in difficult situation.

The Conclusion :

Friends, through this incident I want you all to know that helping others does not cost anything. If we take the initiative and help others, we may feel with happiness which no money or no person can buy us.

I am not asking you to go beyond your limitations and help people, but small-small things in day to day life could be done which will help people and might reduce their problems.

After all, this organization’s aim to help others and reduce their problems no matter who are they. As all of them seemed convinced, we recited our pledge and got back on our work.



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The key to Success- Self Belief!


The Success Story

It was a normal day work was going on as usual. We had a workshop to conduct and we all of were in a dilemma which topic to discuss today. As all of were out of any idea, I decided to share some of my college incidents with them.

Those incidents taught me lessons which changed my life. So as the workshop started, we had a brief ice breaking session and then I started with my story.

This was an incident of the time when I was doing my undergraduate from the University of Alabama.  I was studying in the freshman’s year which is the first year.

There was one beautiful girl named Leslie in our class who used to sit right next to me. She was so beautiful that most of the guys of our batch had a big crush on her. She had a light complexion, big bright almond shaped eyes.

Her cheeks looked soft and pink as roses. She had perfect red lips to add splendor to her attractive face. She was around 5’4” tall and lean. She was the centre of attraction for the entire class.

I was always interested in her, right from the very first day. But the problem have I always lacked self-confidence. She was so pretty that every time I looked at her, I could hear pleasant music being played. Classes were musical for me. When teacher used to teach, all I could hear was sweet melodious music.

Time passed, one day after the other but I did not get enough guts to ask her out. I always lacked that courage to ask her. She sometimes used to glance at me, give me shy smiles, but I, like a small boy never had that audacity to ask her. I still remember the day when she came to talk to me.

I was so stunned looking at her beauty that I could speak a word. She gave me the message and waited for my reply. When I looked at her, I totally got zoomed out.

My voice suddenly stopped coming out and got trapped in my neck. I got lost in her beauty. She stared at me for some time and then gave me a strange look and went.

I still curse myself that why I did not respond to her. Our semester was usually 3 months long. At the end of the semester, I saw a guy named Matt, who used to sit left to me, started talking to her. He was dark tone, medium height guy weighing almost 200 pounds.  He asked her out and to our surprise, she said yes. They both dated for around 6-7 months and then parted away.

A few months later, I came to know that the girl, Leslie was actually interested in me. She used to give me shy smiles because she liked me.

But I, like an idiot, missed a golden opportunity of dating a gorgeous girl. I thought for some time and then realized that all I lacked was the self-belief which Matt had. Had I gone and had asked her out, there were more chances that she might say yes. But due to lack of self-belief, I could not.


The Conclusion of success story

From that day, my friends, I don’t remember a single incident where I lacked self-belief. My main message through this incident is that never forget to trust yourself. Always believe in yourself and your capabilities.

The hardest of the goal will become possible only when we start believing that you can do it. So, whenever you come across some difficult situation in life, take a deep breath and tell yourself that yes, I can do this! Keeping this attitude will always take you to success.

All the teenagers have often gone through such incidents so they could relate to my story. I was hoping that they learn something from my story and learn the lesson from my experience.

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Some words of magic

some words of magic

The story of words

It was Wednesday

My whole team was busy planning an event where we wished to call all great inspirational gurus to share their words from all over India. We all prepared a proper pamphlet, presentations etc to explain them the purpose of over event and how are we planning to pull it off.

Now most to the planning work for over, it was the time we start organizing and implementing the plan. So as decided, we divided all the spiritual gurus amongst all the member and started meeting them.

Luckily, I got a golden opportunity to not only meet a great legend but also stay with him. He asked me to stay at his residence as my flight had got canceled due to weather discrepancy. He was a role model in the spiritual world.

He was not renowned only in India but in most of the countries of the world. His power was boundless, his speech swayed his devotees.

And only that he was a huge philanthropist. He used to stay in Bangalore and had his ashram nearby. In his ashram, he used to feed poor people, had a guest house inside so that travelers can rest and a small orphanage. Even though he owned so much he was very generous and down to earth.

Whatever donations he received were used in the development of people of the ashram.After staying for a couple of days as his house guest, I saw many big politicians, celebrities, and businessmen from all over the country, came to visit him daily, talk to him and relieve all their stress.

His house was a giant mansion but simplicity was seen in each nook and corner of the house. There was a big Gate at the entrance always guarded by 3-4 security guards. One can find simplicity and serenity are his house.

A lush green lawn perfectly complimented to the serenity of the surroundings. There was only one room in the entire house which was fully equipped with modern gadgets and that was the conference room.

The conference room was made of glass doors. There was a huge rectangular table made of crystal glass beautifully designed for conference purpose. A large projector screen was placed in the front of the table. That day a group of billionaire had come with a proposal.

The proposal was for constructing a water pipeline among the tribal communities of the Coorg region. For the same discussion, the ministers concerning the area have also arrived. As I was also engaged in social welfare, I was invited to attend the meeting.

When all the politicians arrived a group of bodyguards surrounded the door of the conference hall.  The conference was about to start suddenly we saw a handicapped boy trying to enter the hall. He was small, short boy with eccentric style.

His speech and body movements were abnormal. He tried entering the hall calling Guruji. One of the people sitting there, ordered the boy to go away as the meeting was about to take place.

To our surprise, Guruji called the boy in, softly placed his hand on his cheeks and said you are my good boy.Then, he proudly announced that he was the one who was responsible for all the data entries. He continued saying that there can never be any mistake in his data entries. He calmly asked him to go and promised to meet him after the meeting.


Conclusion for the story of words

His face shined with happiness. He ran outside the house with a big smile on his face. These two words of appreciation proved as a tonic to him which will motivate him for next 6 months.

With this small gesture, he taught all the people sitting in the room the importance of being polite as well as the importance of appreciation.

The only lesson I learned through this is one should never miss any opportunity of appreciating someone as small words can inspire somebody to move mountains.

It was my flights time so I took a leave from Guruji and left to meet other people with a wonderful lesson for life.

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Raghu’s Life Story


It was a big day for all of us. All of us were busy preparing for it. Today our organisation was celebrating 9 successful years of helping the needy. We were very happy and had decided to organise a huge event where in we could call all the children whom we have taught up till now. All the arrangements were done. And this time I had decided to share a story of person who has managed to change my entire perception towards life. I went up on the stage and after the normal interactions I started narrating the story.

Have we ever thought of the person who does not vital body parts like hands and legs? How they live? What do they do? We always look at them with pity and sympathy. But this story of Raghu whom I met few years back changed my entire way of looking at life.

Few years back I went to Iscon Temple located on the S.G. Highway in Ahmedabad with few of my colleagues. As it was a temple, we had to remove our footwear. Here we had a system in which we give our footwear while we enter the temple. A person will be sitting in a small room there and he will provide us with a token. When we come out, we give the token to him and he gives us our footwear back. This was a common practice in most of the Indian Temples. When I went to give my footwear I saw a 17 year old kid with dark complexion who was doing this work. He was smiling and doing his work with zeal. I was surprised that how can somebody work so happily in such heat and uncomfortable working condition. I went up to him and asked “Kembhai? Kem hasi rahya Cho?” (Why are you smiling brother?) to which he said “hasujne Hu! Kem na hasu?” (I will smile! Why wouldn’t I smile?) I asked him” Salary bau sari male che ke su?”(You are getting good salary or what?)

His reply surprised me. He said “bhagwan na kaam ma kya salary…aa badhu toh hu social service mate karu chu…maa keh che jo hu saru kaam karis toh mane sari naukri malse. Biju koi mane tension nathi maa gamde rahe che and khava pivanu maru aa loko joi le che. (There is no such thing as salary in God’s work. I do all this for social work. My mom says if I do good social work, God will give me good Job. I don’t have any other tension. My mother lives in a nearby village and all my food is taken care of by the temple workers)

I asked him don’t your legs pain my sitting in crouching position for 10 hours every day. He asked me to see carefully. I asked him what he means by seeing carefully! He then asked me to come near his room’s door. What I saw there shook me.

The person who was smiling and working had no legs. He was handicap since birth. He explained me that he was best suited for the job because if somebody else was working there, he would face many difficulties fitting in that small place. He happily quoted “Bhagwan eh mane tailor-made banayo che aa kaam mate (God has made me especially for this job only) I was so astonished to meet this person I joyfully asked him his name and autograph! His name was Raghu. After this small conversation I left, but in the back of the mind I have decided to do something for this noble soul. I could not sleep for 2 days as thoughts of Raghu kept on pouring in my mind. I have decided to help this guy anyhow.

At that time Anandi Patel’s was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. The group of trustee’s there were our very good friend and she was amongst them. So I asked Anar Patel, daughter of Anandi Patel to help me out. She runs an NGO named Gramshree which is engaged in empowering women by making them self-reliant. They were making home-made products like wheat breads, pickles, woollens, blankets, wedding dresses etc. She agreed to call him for the interview.

Raghu went for the interview. I was sure that he will easily crack it as he spoke wittily and his biggest strength was his thoughts and speech. He got selected for the post of supervisor with a salary of 3000 per month. In the meantime, I went to Yale’s University for my further studies.

When I came back I met Raghu and asked him “Su bhai! kem cho? (Hello brother! How are you?)His answer again surprised me!

He said,” Bhaiya! Mari toh 16 maa che! (Brother, I have 16 mothers)

I asked him with curiosity how any person can have 16 mothers!

He said that after I employed him, he was promoted as a senior supervisor with a salary of 7000 per month. He said he still used to go to Iscon Temple and 6 months back he once encountered an old lady, around 80 years of age who had nobody around her. She lived in the slums called Ramapir ka tekra near Gandhi Ashram and filled her stomach by begging for which she had to travel by bus. Raghu was a very compassionate person so he asked that lady to stay at home and he will supply all the food and medicines of her house. When he went there he realized that she was not the only one there were 14 more mothers who stayed alone and had nobody around them. So from that day he spent 4000 Rs of his salary on bringing food for them. This was not it! He used to take 2 hour lunch break and took food on his scooty and fed them with his hands. All the ladies also considered Raghu as his own son. So Raghu concluded that 15 ladies and 1 his own mother summed to 16 mothers which he proudly possessed.

I further asked him, “don’t you get jealous when you see guys going with their girlfriends, luxurious cars etc.?

His answer changed my entire viewpoint about life.

He said,” If I get jealous of a bike today, I will get jealous of car tomorrow and some other thing the day after. I don’t want to spend my entire life getting jealous about things. I am a happy man. I give chocolates if it’s someone’s birthday, make and gift cards to people, I serve people and I have my inspirational thoughts with me. That is the reason why I have so many friends. I’m contented.

I was so much inspired by his thoughts and way of looking at life I took him to YPO WPO, world’s largest business forum for young presidents. I took him there and also shared his story.

One year passed…It was Friday; Raghu called and said he wanted to come to my place to share some good news. His voice was full of excitement. I asked him to come on Saturday only but he said he will come on Sunday only.

On Saturday afternoon I got a call saying a road accident occurred outside Ahmedabad and Raghu died on the spot. A truck had hit Raghu’s scooty. I was shocked. How does this happen? I was deeply grieved by this.

Later I came to know that Raghu had fallen in love. Both their families have approved them. The accident happened when he was coming back from his mother’s village. He had gon to show the girl to his mother. The girl was seriously injured and Raghu died on the spot. It was heart trembling incident. I will never ever forget what he taught me in his life. His life was short but proved to be inspirational for millions of people including me.

Raghu in his short life changed the way we look at life. He taught us that life is not running in the hustle and bustle of life but enjoying it. Being content with whatever we have. Being happy with whatever work we do. Finding happiness in giving because we are all here for a cause and together we can make a difference. Showing compassion towards all living beings.

Raghu’s story does not end here…it starts from here…inspiring millions of people around the globe. As I ended there was a huge roar of applause from the audience and a big smile on my face as children were able to understand. For me this event was a great hit. I ended it by thanking God and every single person who has helped us make our dream successful.




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Magic of a Hug

The magic of hug

Everyone associated to our organisation is aware that we are organising Jalso event every last Saturday of the month. So according to that we were celebrating it inviting children of orphanages and municipal schools. But this time something was different. We were completing one year of celebrating jalso event. It was special this time apart from municipal school children, many children from different schools were going to come, all the volunteers and many other famous personalities were on the guest list. I was in a dilemma that which message to give them this time.

I have often realized that in these harsh realities of life we have often forgotten the importance of physical touch, importance of a hug, importance of patting someone’s back. So thinking it to be very important topic I started remembering an incident which I can share with them. I recalled the incident of my grandmother and started to pen it down.

In my family, my grandma is known as Nuclear Bomb because of her spontaneous and pessimist behaviour. She was that one person who always used to see negative in everything. She would always ask quirky questions like why you combed your hair this way, why did you wear this shirt, why your parents gave you this name etc. Looking at her pessimism, I always used you think that one day she might get cancer though I least wished for it to happen. I used to think that because I personally believed that mind and body are interrelated.

One year earlier, she was detected of stage 2 breast cancer. She was 89 years of age which made her body less responsive to the medicines. All the members in my family got very much concerned about her, but I somewhere knew that this was going to come. Sometime I feel that the people who are very critical in their life always love the care and affection given to them. Moreover, when we see small children we pull their cheeks, play with them with gives them immense happiness. Happiness is nothing but increase in happiness hormone, serotonin.

I started surfing the internet how we can increase the speed of her recovery by changing the atmosphere around her. I read few articles which focused on the importance of physical touch and happiness hormones. As I read that, I realized that nobody was hugging or kissing her anymore because of her critical behaviour. So from that day itself, I decided to kiss her on the forehead. First time when I kissed her she pushed me away said that I’m not a small girl. Still I continued doing that. Then, I started giving her side hugs. Now, every day I used to kiss her on her forehead and give her a hug. She used to tell me do that to your girlfriend, to your wife not to me. Still I continued kissing her cheeks, patting her back, putting my hand on her forehead etc

Some days later, I realized that she liked this physical touch. But she told everybody that she did not like it. I don’t remember the exact day but one day I forgot to kiss her. She specially called and said, “Tinya, today you did come to kiss me, irritate me. Come and kiss me.” I came to know that she loved it. Now, when she used to talk with her children living in Bombay, used to tell them joyfully,”Yuva ka President ban Gaya, Narendra Modi came to his event but still he comes home and kisses me. Am I a small kid?” She used to talk about this with everyone who came to meet her.

Six months later, doctors told us that she was responding positively to the medicines. Hearing that, I created, ‘kiss Grandma in the House’ culture. In which whoever comes to our house first kisses grandma and then goes up.  Within 8 months, a miracle happened. She completely recovered from cancer, which doctor believed to be almost impossible. And all this was possible because of the love and affection which she received from everybody all these days.

There are many hypocrites who believe that we cannot hug our mother, father grandparents. But the truth is we should never underestimate the magic of physical touch. A hug works like a therapy for everyone. As I completed writing all this I jotted down few important points which I felt were important to announce like – To make you all understand that there is nothing bad in hugging our family and friends. The magic of hug cannot take away their problems but can surely reduce the pressure and stress we feel because of that.

As I was done with writing I started practicing and making it more interesting for the audience with a hope that they will like it, apply that in their life and see the difference.

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Listening Skills…

listening skills

How many of you had your dreams fulfilled or had a chance to live your dream in front of your eyes. Well that day of a cold November morning was such a day for me. I always had a dream of studying at a reputed university who had great leaders in its alumni list. And finally, I got that call, my interview call from Yale University, America’s top most University who has George Bush, Bill Clinton etc. in its x-alumni list.


I had to fly to Mumbai to give the interview. I took the early morning flight and reached the venue in time. As in entered the interview place there was this big beardy Afro-American man sitting on the couch in the waiting lounge. He was wearing thin rimmed golden glasses and was engrossed in the book in his hand. I could catch the name of the book from the corner of my eyes it was “The best life now” by Joel Austin.


“Oh My God! He is reading my favorite author” I thought in my mind


As I sat in front of him, I gave him a big smile, he smiled back and the first thing I said was “That is an amazing book, I have read it and it’s really a wonderful one” he looked at me and studied me for about 10 seconds. And then he had the biggest smile on his face. And next 25 minutes he was telling me all about his love for Joel and how his books helped him pass the bad time so  his life. All I did was be a good listener and he really loved that fact but when he suddenly glanced at his watch he realized that only 10 minutes were left in his interview time. And then when it was my time to move in, he just told me one simple thing and that was

“My dean is going to love you”


And that was it. I knew I am going to Yale for further studies. What helped me the most was my listening skills. My art of listening really helped me out. One of the most powerful ways to improve any relationship is to fine-tune our listening skills. Listening to someone is the biggest compliment you are paying to them and from that day onwards I started listening to everybody whether the person is making sense or not but just appreciating his thoughts.

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Listen to your heart…

All of us were busy generating an idea which will benefit the society. After many failed attempts I came up with a brilliant idea. But the thing was, it needed many efforts, government permission, collaborations with various NGOs and corporate houses and what not. When I discussed the same with my team most of them were very pessimistic about it. According to them getting all the work done within short span of time was impossible. After I discussed this idea with them I went home and as usual I started meditating in my room.

While I was meditating, I remembered a story told by my teacher, a story of two young frogs. She always used to tell this story to us when she felt that negativity was spreading in our minds related to any given work. According to the story there were a group of frogs who lived happily near a small pond. Amongst them there were two young frogs. One day while playing, they both went far away from their place of residence to some unknown place.

It was evening time and darkness broke in from every possible direction. Both the frogs got frightened and started jumping hastily. In that haste, they both fell into a deep well from which coming out seemed almost impossible. Falling into some dark, deep unknown well scared them too much so they started shouted for help. After shouting for some time they found that a group of frogs have gathered around the well. But all of them were pessimistic. All of them gave negative statements. According to them it was almost impossible to come out of the well as its depth was too much.

Hearing all these frogs’ comments one of the frogs lost all hope and fell down on the floor. But the other frog did not lose hope. He kept on jumping even though there were least chances of him getting out. Some miracle happened and that frog came out of the well. When he came out everybody started asking him how he managed to come out. On asking him they found an astonishing thing. He was deaf! He was not able to hear any of the negative comments made by the by-standers. He kept on trying and only heard what his heart said. The other frog who heard the comments of other frog failed to come out.

Remembering this story, I got up. This time I had decided to follow my heart. I made few phone calls and called an urgent meeting, decided the plan of action and got everybody working. Few months later, my idea became a huge success. This incident proved to me that if we follow our heart and do our work with full integrity, we will always get success.

The one thing I learned is to ‘follow your heart’. Once you start listening to your heart you can move mountains. There is nothing impossible in this world if you have faith in you and your work. Never let any comment of external world affect you.

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