Curbing the distance

If we look back at our childhood and teenage, we often find that no matter how much our friends get along with our parents, there is always some distance between them.  By the time we reach our thirties, our parents have warned us about so many things like don’t use your phone so much, don’t come home late, don’t hang out with those friends etc that even I we want to go and share something with them we hesitate. It is a common phenomenon at a work place that employees who get utmost attention from the superiors tend to have a steeper progress curve as compared to others. When an employee tries to explain or give their ideas but the superior or head stops them from doing so, it leaves an everlasting impact on the brain which is difficult to fade. But if they for once hear the ideas, they might be having a more suitable and feasible solution.  We all have faced some of the instances mentioned above at some point or other in our life.

I was going home after a busy on my way back there were few incidents where the cycle wala and two wheelers life was risked due to negligence of my driver. He was with our family since 20 years and was a very good person. But I could not deny that my driver was ageing and with that his eyesight had also started to weaken. Realising that his poor eyesight might be risky, he decided to retire from his job. Now I had an urgency to find a new drive that will fulfil all my requirements. Fortunately, I found one within 2 days only. His name was Ramesh. He had a dusky skin with sharp black eyes. His hair was neatly combed. He came properly dressed. The way he walked in the cabin clearly signified his enthusiasm to work. He spoke with nervousness which showed that this was probably his first job. I finalized him but I told him that there is only one condition which I wanted fulfilled whatever the case may be. I wanted him to be truthful to me always. Whatever the situation is I want him to speak the truth.  He agreed to my condition and said that he will join from tomorrow.

After three days he came to me and said, “Today I can go early?” When I inquired about the reason he said, “Today, my girlfriend had a half day. I want to go out for a movie with her. Can I go?” I had some work in the evening and I needed him for that but had I asked him to stay back today, next time he would speak a lie giving medical issues and then go. I told him, “I need you in the evening but as you spoke truth I will allow you to go.” His face beamed with happiness. He thanked me and left.

After some days he called and said, “Can I come late?” his reasons were simple which anyone would believe. This time his mother’s mood was bad because his drunken father had beaten her up the previous night. He wanted to take her out for an ice cream. I allowed him that day also. I was glad that he preferred to tell me the truth. There were many instances where he had to come late or had to take a leave because of some family issues. Our relationship grew stronger with each passing day. I would many times ask him to suggest some solution to the problems which we were facing and he would always come up with out of the box solutions.

Now when his girlfriend or mom used to call him for some work he used to tell them that he boss has work and he cannot come at that time. He will meet them after 8 P.M. only. His habit of speaking truth always made me respect him. What I learnt through this story is to appreciate people who speak the truth, appreciate the people who dare to present their ideas listen to them. Because such people are very less and they are to be cherished. Keeping false distance will never do good to anybody. Hence break all the barriers of distance and let the people come to know about our ideas and appreciate who give their ideas also.

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