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As I entered my house, I ran straight to my grandmother. She always loves it when I tell her how I helped somebody. She believed India is a land of opportunities; we really don’t have to work hard to find a needy person. Just by looking all around us, we will find many. As today I had helped a small boy, I ran directly to her and started sharing this incident with her.

I told her, I and my friend Rajesh were going to our office after tutoring a group of children in the Outskirts of the city. On our way back we saw 5 pasti walas pushing their carts in this scorching heat and trying to collect more and more newspapers. In those 5 pasti walas there was one small boy. He seemed to be around 10-12 years in age, skinny and stout, trying hard to push the cart. Four of them were big enough to push the cart easily and so there were racing ahead. But this small boy was not able to catch up to them. I felt very sympathetic about him and decided to help him.

I got down from the bike and asked my friend to go. I reached for the boy and started pushing the cart with him. The boy got perplexed; he was not an able to understand what was going on. He probably thought I have lost it that’s way I was there helping him push he cart in this deadly heat. In a puzzled faced he asked me what am I doing. Then, I introduced myself and asked what his name was. He innocently replied has his name was Ajay. I told him that I was there for his help so that he takes some rest and relieve his panting. I jokingly added that I anyway needed some exercise.

During this time I could know a little bit about him. He said he had to leave his school because he had to start earning for him and his sisters survival. Their mother and partner had abandoned them before 1 year when his sister was just 4 years old. He had to push this heavy cart 15 km everyday so that earn some bread for them. We had walked about 500 meters and he said he was feeling very shameful and I should let him pull the cart.

I calmly said him that, you’re like my brother. God has sent me here because we were destined to cross each other’s paths. I requested him not to see ashamed of anything as it was just a small gesture of my help to him. Another 500 meters passed and my shirt was full of sweat. I thought, if I being so stronger than him, is not able to pull the cart, how is this small boy been able to do it. We went few more meters and then somebody stopped Ajay as they wanted to give their old newspapers.

I hugged him, and wished him goodbye. As I left I felt as if I am leaving my own younger brother behind. But we both parted away with a genuine and big smile on our faces. As I completed, my grandmother, patted my back and said she was really proud of me. She chirpily said that, “in this world, there are no strangers; there are just friends whom we haven’t met.” My day was well spent as I could help and make somebody smile.

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