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Files! Invites! Guest lists! I could hear people talking about that all the time as we were organizing our annual meeting. We were planning to organize an inspirational event where in all the members associated with our organization get some tips of motivation apart discussing our various future projects. This time I wanted to do something different. I had decided to share the stories of my volunteers in place of my personal experiences. I called all of them one by one and heard all their stories about the random act of kindness they did. Amongst all I found the story of my colleague Parth very interesting. It was a short and simple story whose message was very clear. The story was about helping others. I called my friend and narrated the story to him and asked for his reviews.

It was a summer day. Sun was shining brightly, throwing his heat waves all over the city. Not a single bird was flying in the sky. Scorching heat had made everybody stay in their shelters. That day Parth had to go to meet a principal of a school for a scholarship related work. On his way he saw a young boy selling ice creams in this scorching heat. It was 2 pm and not a single person was out on the roads. But this boy was trying hard pushing his ice cream cart and trying to find people to sell his ice cream. He was profusely sweating and all tired by working in this harsh heat.

Parth is a very compassionate person so he went up to him and asked what your name is. The boy was quite surprise and said I am Prashanth from Uttar Pradesh. Then he asked what ice cream he will have. Parth further asked how much do u earn, the boy got surprised why a customer was asking him such questions. But he politely replied that he earned approximately 300-350 bucks. He further questions him that how many times he gets to eat ice cream. The boy now got very curious why was this customer asking so much about him. Still he replied that he get to eat ice cream once or twice a month as he cannot afford more. He again inquired which ice cream he will have. He gave all the ice cream options like Chocó bar, raspberry dolly, mango dolly etc.

Party’s question again amazed him. He asked which his favorite ice cream was. The boy patiently said Chocó bar. Parth asked him to give a Chocó bar. The little boy gave him one. But you won’t believe what he did next. His small gesture brought so much happiness to the boy. He gave him 15 bucks for the ice cream and the ice cream to that boy. Initially the boy denied as he felt it was not appropriate to take but when he forced he took it and started eating it happily.

According to my friend, this story was best suited for the event. Even I felt that so finalized this story. This small story taught me a very important lesson for life which nobody else can teach. We have almost everything with us why can’t we use a small amount of that to bring happiness in somebody’s life. I found it perfect for the event so I called Parth and informed him that he will be taking the inspirational session this time as I wanted my colleagues also to come forward. I went home with a hope that this event will be a great success and people will enjoy and learn from it.

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