How we perceive life

It was Saturday evening and I had invited all my colleagues for dinner at my place. After dinner we sat in the living room chatting  and playing games. While talking we decided to play a game which would increase our bonding and makes all of us know each other better. So it was a game in which each one of us will be telling our fears and the one with most common and genuine fear will be helped. Helped in a way that we will help him free himself from the clutches of his fear.

As we started the game, there came different types of fears. Fear of particular insect, fear of dogs, cats or any other animal, fear of ghost but mine was one which most of us had and that was of  darkness. So one of my colleagues suggested that we should go kabrastan and spend two hours there. The one who will be successful in spending two hours there, will become a free man, a man free from fears.

So as planned all of us went to all to a kabrastan located in the Sahibaug area of Ahmedabad. On our way there, thoughts kept on pouring in. I thought, I have been teaching children in slums, motivating them and inspiring them to take further education. Apart from that I have helped people to come out of depression, students who have difficulty in passing to help them score good, asking people to follow their dreams and be fearless etc. I realised that I used to get so scared that I have to call my mother to sleep with me. Horrifying creatures like ghosts and monsters were used to crawl up in my dreams.

I could feel that most of us were freaking out as we were getting closer and closer to cemetery. As we reached there, I could see a big gate in front of me. It was covered with spider webs and insects were crawling all around it. With great strength we all walked in. We decided that we all will be going alone and meet at the main gate after two hours as together nobody will be able to feel their real fear.

We all dispersed and started walking in different-different directions. All people got scattered fear started to overpower my mind. First I was walking like a hero but when slowly slowly I moved ahead I could sense many noises around. There I could hear the hooting of Owl, cooing of crow and some strange noises of the insects. Soon I found that fear had taken full control over my mind. I could no longer see the reality. I could see ghosts of the dead people coming out their coffins on both the sides. At that time, two lizards jumped over my foot and went. It scared me like anything. My legs started shivering. I thought that I don’t want to become fearless; I don’t want to prove anything to anybody! Let people laugh at me I am going back. I turned around and decided to go back.

I was about to start walking, I remembered one thing that my father had told me. He had always taught me to FEEL the FEAR, FACE the FEAR. But do it anyway. Visualizing oneself as someone will help us face the fear with great strength. As I thought that, my mind started working and the power of fear reduced. My outlook towards the entire situation changed. I assumed myself as ‘Superman’ with a bright red cape on my back. I could see red carpet in front of me which were previously dried grass and lizards. So with that thought I started walking tall.

As I marched ahead I could see beautiful ladies with roses in their hands, dancing around me instead of scary ghosts coming out of the coffins. I could hear pleasant and slow music instead of the weird and frightening noises. So as I visualized this entire scene, my legs which were shivering earlier stopped shivering. I could see two brilliant kids, Rahul and Kishan who were admitted in DPS by us, standing few feet away, telling me that,” Don’t worry sir, nothing will happen start walking.” I started walking fearlessly thinking that both these kids are there holding my hand.

I assumed this entire scenario and because of that I could stay up there for one more hour. Honestly speaking, all my fear just vanished. All my thoughts and imaginations about the ghosts just disappeared.

What is learnt from this story is that life is less of what it really is and more of how we perceive it. A glass can be half full as well as half empty it totally depends on how we take it. I choose to see red carpet and beautiful ladies and so my road became easy. Life is more about how we see our problems. As our perception changes, so will our way of living life.

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