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img1Amitabh Shah, the Chief Inspiration Officer and the driving force behind empowering the youth of our country by instilling them with a positive attitude and an unstoppable spirit. It is the ‘Art of change’. Amitabh’s inspirational addresses are sincere, honest and from the heart so the audience can relate to it. His approach is most effective for younger audiences ranging from school children to college and graduation students. However, he has received enormous acclaim for his programs with executive level audiences as well. He has impressed audiences at prestigious institutions and forums like CII, YII, FICCI, YPO, WPO and JP Morgan to name a few. Most of these programs are on an invitation basis and the schedules fills up swiftly.

Amitabh addresses young audiences on a plethora of topics to enhance their self-belief and give them the confidence to face challenges and achieve success. Amitabh speaks on a plethora of topics which range from Get Shit Done, Appreciate, Art of Listening, Hug, Kiss and Thank your Parents, Be an ‘Anger Hanger’, Acts of Kindness, Sharing and so on.

It is also a channel that sensitizes them to think about the pressing issues faced by our society and the state of affairs of the underprivileged sections therein. The Art of Change initiative has had a visible effect in motivating and mobilizing over fifty thousand volunteers at Yuva Unstoppable. It is the reverberation of the positivity and the selflessness that motivates the audience to go out and be truly unstoppable!

email to call: +91 9824077267 to invite Amitabh Unstoppable for session.