Lead by Example

lead by example

It was a beautiful morning I had decided to go on a walk. The lightly shinning sun, sweetly cooing birds could brings anybody’s soul to life. I could see calm and peaceful city which is very rare nowadays. As I came back from my morning stroll, my mom started presenting me with places she had to go and I had to take her as our driver was on leave. She wanted to go to her designer to collect few of her dresses so after having breakfast we went there.

As we reached there, she asked me to accompany her but I had an urgent phone call to make so waited in the car. I called office and checked all the work was taking place smoothly. As I was done I heard the watchman and one another guy talking about people not willing to help others who had met with an accident and all. I went up to them and asked what the matter was.  As they told me, I narrated a story to them.

Few months back I went to Mumbai for NGO related work. There I met my friend, Sahil. He was a successful industrialist. He was so much impressed by my work that he persuaded me to meet a famous personality whom he knew. He told me that he was a gem of a person and that I would be delighted to meet him. He suggested the best time to meet him is early in the morning at 5 as he had a habit of walking 3 km on the Bandra-Bandstand road every day. So as planned, we both got ready and reached Bandra early in the morning.

We met him. My friend introduced me to him. While we were taking a walk my friend told him about all the work we were engaged in like teaching slum children, empowering and training youth, and inspiring people to do good. He was very impressed as somebody is taking the responsibility of doing welfare to the society. While chatting with him, he told me that he was growing more and more pessimistic about life. He said that nobody is ready to help anybody; everybody wants to take advantage of his family, nobody is ready to follow rules etc. He had started seeing the negative part in everything that is or that has happened to him and his family.

While we were talking, he told me about the incident which had occurred that very morning.  When he was walking down the lane from his house to Bandra, he saw a gutter lid open. He waited for some time for people to come and close it.  People came and passed by, but nobody bothered to close the open lid. Thinking that any cyclist or passers might fall into this open gutter, he tried to close the lid even though he knew he could not. His voice was full of frustration when he said that being a 80 year old man he has to do all such physical and all the youth are least bothered.

He then, tried to lift that heavy lid and put it at its proper place. When he was trying to do so, a group of young, college going students saw that and came to his help. He was so distressed that he said, “ Bhalai ka zamana hi nahi raha!” (Gone are the days were people used to do good) On this statement I intervened and asked him to look at the brighter side. As he took the initiative of placing the gutter lid properly other individuals also started to place it properly. I asked him to live his life by being an example for others instead of expecting other people to do something good.

From this incident, I learned that instead of waiting for other people to start up we should take the initiative for the things we feel are wrong (or) the things we need to change. If we do so, others might take our example and start doing a good work. Simply sitting and waiting for things to happen will not do any good. Taking the initiative and starting will help. As I said this my mom came back. So I greeted them goodbye and went with a hope that they might have understood the message I was trying to convey to them.


(This story is not written in the dialogue form as the name of the celebrity is not be revealed)


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