Listen to your heart…

All of us were busy generating an idea which will benefit the society. After many failed attempts I came up with a brilliant idea. But the thing was, it needed many efforts, government permission, collaborations with various NGOs and corporate houses and what not. When I discussed the same with my team most of them were very pessimistic about it. According to them getting all the work done within short span of time was impossible. After I discussed this idea with them I went home and as usual I started meditating in my room.

While I was meditating, I remembered a story told by my teacher, a story of two young frogs. She always used to tell this story to us when she felt that negativity was spreading in our minds related to any given work. According to the story there were a group of frogs who lived happily near a small pond. Amongst them there were two young frogs. One day while playing, they both went far away from their place of residence to some unknown place.

It was evening time and darkness broke in from every possible direction. Both the frogs got frightened and started jumping hastily. In that haste, they both fell into a deep well from which coming out seemed almost impossible. Falling into some dark, deep unknown well scared them too much so they started shouted for help. After shouting for some time they found that a group of frogs have gathered around the well. But all of them were pessimistic. All of them gave negative statements. According to them it was almost impossible to come out of the well as its depth was too much.

Hearing all these frogs’ comments one of the frogs lost all hope and fell down on the floor. But the other frog did not lose hope. He kept on jumping even though there were least chances of him getting out. Some miracle happened and that frog came out of the well. When he came out everybody started asking him how he managed to come out. On asking him they found an astonishing thing. He was deaf! He was not able to hear any of the negative comments made by the by-standers. He kept on trying and only heard what his heart said. The other frog who heard the comments of other frog failed to come out.

Remembering this story, I got up. This time I had decided to follow my heart. I made few phone calls and called an urgent meeting, decided the plan of action and got everybody working. Few months later, my idea became a huge success. This incident proved to me that if we follow our heart and do our work with full integrity, we will always get success.

The one thing I learned is to ‘follow your heart’. Once you start listening to your heart you can move mountains. There is nothing impossible in this world if you have faith in you and your work. Never let any comment of external world affect you.

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