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listening skills

How many of you had your dreams fulfilled or had a chance to live your dream in front of your eyes. Well that day of a cold November morning was such a day for me. I always had a dream of studying at a reputed university who had great leaders in its alumni list. And finally, I got that call, my interview call from Yale University, America’s top most University who has George Bush, Bill Clinton etc. in its x-alumni list.


I had to fly to Mumbai to give the interview. I took the early morning flight and reached the venue in time. As in entered the interview place there was this big beardy Afro-American man sitting on the couch in the waiting lounge. He was wearing thin rimmed golden glasses and was engrossed in the book in his hand. I could catch the name of the book from the corner of my eyes it was “The best life now” by Joel Austin.


“Oh My God! He is reading my favorite author” I thought in my mind


As I sat in front of him, I gave him a big smile, he smiled back and the first thing I said was “That is an amazing book, I have read it and it’s really a wonderful one” he looked at me and studied me for about 10 seconds. And then he had the biggest smile on his face. And next 25 minutes he was telling me all about his love for Joel and how his books helped him pass the bad time so  his life. All I did was be a good listener and he really loved that fact but when he suddenly glanced at his watch he realized that only 10 minutes were left in his interview time. And then when it was my time to move in, he just told me one simple thing and that was

“My dean is going to love you”


And that was it. I knew I am going to Yale for further studies. What helped me the most was my listening skills. My art of listening really helped me out. One of the most powerful ways to improve any relationship is to fine-tune our listening skills. Listening to someone is the biggest compliment you are paying to them and from that day onwards I started listening to everybody whether the person is making sense or not but just appreciating his thoughts.

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