Magic of a Hug

The magic of hug

Everyone associated to our organisation is aware that we are organising Jalso event every last Saturday of the month. So according to that we were celebrating it inviting children of orphanages and municipal schools. But this time something was different. We were completing one year of celebrating jalso event. It was special this time apart from municipal school children, many children from different schools were going to come, all the volunteers and many other famous personalities were on the guest list. I was in a dilemma that which message to give them this time.

I have often realized that in these harsh realities of life we have often forgotten the importance of physical touch, importance of a hug, importance of patting someone’s back. So thinking it to be very important topic I started remembering an incident which I can share with them. I recalled the incident of my grandmother and started to pen it down.

In my family, my grandma is known as Nuclear Bomb because of her spontaneous and pessimist behaviour. She was that one person who always used to see negative in everything. She would always ask quirky questions like why you combed your hair this way, why did you wear this shirt, why your parents gave you this name etc. Looking at her pessimism, I always used you think that one day she might get cancer though I least wished for it to happen. I used to think that because I personally believed that mind and body are interrelated.

One year earlier, she was detected of stage 2 breast cancer. She was 89 years of age which made her body less responsive to the medicines. All the members in my family got very much concerned about her, but I somewhere knew that this was going to come. Sometime I feel that the people who are very critical in their life always love the care and affection given to them. Moreover, when we see small children we pull their cheeks, play with them with gives them immense happiness. Happiness is nothing but increase in happiness hormone, serotonin.

I started surfing the internet how we can increase the speed of her recovery by changing the atmosphere around her. I read few articles which focused on the importance of physical touch and happiness hormones. As I read that, I realized that nobody was hugging or kissing her anymore because of her critical behaviour. So from that day itself, I decided to kiss her on the forehead. First time when I kissed her she pushed me away said that I’m not a small girl. Still I continued doing that. Then, I started giving her side hugs. Now, every day I used to kiss her on her forehead and give her a hug. She used to tell me do that to your girlfriend, to your wife not to me. Still I continued kissing her cheeks, patting her back, putting my hand on her forehead etc

Some days later, I realized that she liked this physical touch. But she told everybody that she did not like it. I don’t remember the exact day but one day I forgot to kiss her. She specially called and said, “Tinya, today you did come to kiss me, irritate me. Come and kiss me.” I came to know that she loved it. Now, when she used to talk with her children living in Bombay, used to tell them joyfully,”Yuva ka President ban Gaya, Narendra Modi came to his event but still he comes home and kisses me. Am I a small kid?” She used to talk about this with everyone who came to meet her.

Six months later, doctors told us that she was responding positively to the medicines. Hearing that, I created, ‘kiss Grandma in the House’ culture. In which whoever comes to our house first kisses grandma and then goes up.  Within 8 months, a miracle happened. She completely recovered from cancer, which doctor believed to be almost impossible. And all this was possible because of the love and affection which she received from everybody all these days.

There are many hypocrites who believe that we cannot hug our mother, father grandparents. But the truth is we should never underestimate the magic of physical touch. A hug works like a therapy for everyone. As I completed writing all this I jotted down few important points which I felt were important to announce like – To make you all understand that there is nothing bad in hugging our family and friends. The magic of hug cannot take away their problems but can surely reduce the pressure and stress we feel because of that.

As I was done with writing I started practicing and making it more interesting for the audience with a hope that they will like it, apply that in their life and see the difference.

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