Some words of magic

some words of magic

The story of words

It was Wednesday

My whole team was busy planning an event where we wished to call all great inspirational gurus to share their words from all over India. We all prepared a proper pamphlet, presentations etc to explain them the purpose of over event and how are we planning to pull it off.

Now most to the planning work for over, it was the time we start organizing and implementing the plan. So as decided, we divided all the spiritual gurus amongst all the member and started meeting them.

Luckily, I got a golden opportunity to not only meet a great legend but also stay with him. He asked me to stay at his residence as my flight had got canceled due to weather discrepancy. He was a role model in the spiritual world.

He was not renowned only in India but in most of the countries of the world. His power was boundless, his speech swayed his devotees.

And only that he was a huge philanthropist. He used to stay in Bangalore and had his ashram nearby. In his ashram, he used to feed poor people, had a guest house inside so that travelers can rest and a small orphanage. Even though he owned so much he was very generous and down to earth.

Whatever donations he received were used in the development of people of the ashram.After staying for a couple of days as his house guest, I saw many big politicians, celebrities, and businessmen from all over the country, came to visit him daily, talk to him and relieve all their stress.

His house was a giant mansion but simplicity was seen in each nook and corner of the house. There was a big Gate at the entrance always guarded by 3-4 security guards. One can find simplicity and serenity are his house.

A lush green lawn perfectly complimented to the serenity of the surroundings. There was only one room in the entire house which was fully equipped with modern gadgets and that was the conference room.

The conference room was made of glass doors. There was a huge rectangular table made of crystal glass beautifully designed for conference purpose. A large projector screen was placed in the front of the table. That day a group of billionaire had come with a proposal.

The proposal was for constructing a water pipeline among the tribal communities of the Coorg region. For the same discussion, the ministers concerning the area have also arrived. As I was also engaged in social welfare, I was invited to attend the meeting.

When all the politicians arrived a group of bodyguards surrounded the door of the conference hall.  The conference was about to start suddenly we saw a handicapped boy trying to enter the hall. He was small, short boy with eccentric style.

His speech and body movements were abnormal. He tried entering the hall calling Guruji. One of the people sitting there, ordered the boy to go away as the meeting was about to take place.

To our surprise, Guruji called the boy in, softly placed his hand on his cheeks and said you are my good boy.Then, he proudly announced that he was the one who was responsible for all the data entries. He continued saying that there can never be any mistake in his data entries. He calmly asked him to go and promised to meet him after the meeting.


Conclusion for the story of words

His face shined with happiness. He ran outside the house with a big smile on his face. These two words of appreciation proved as a tonic to him which will motivate him for next 6 months.

With this small gesture, he taught all the people sitting in the room the importance of being polite as well as the importance of appreciation.

The only lesson I learned through this is one should never miss any opportunity of appreciating someone as small words can inspire somebody to move mountains.

It was my flights time so I took a leave from Guruji and left to meet other people with a wonderful lesson for life.

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