The key to Success- Self Belief!


The Success Story

It was a normal day work was going on as usual. We had a workshop to conduct and we all of were in a dilemma which topic to discuss today. As all of were out of any idea, I decided to share some of my college incidents with them.

Those incidents taught me lessons which changed my life. So as the workshop started, we had a brief ice breaking session and then I started with my story.

This was an incident of the time when I was doing my undergraduate from the University of Alabama.  I was studying in the freshman’s year which is the first year.

There was one beautiful girl named Leslie in our class who used to sit right next to me. She was so beautiful that most of the guys of our batch had a big crush on her. She had a light complexion, big bright almond shaped eyes.

Her cheeks looked soft and pink as roses. She had perfect red lips to add splendor to her attractive face. She was around 5’4” tall and lean. She was the centre of attraction for the entire class.

I was always interested in her, right from the very first day. But the problem have I always lacked self-confidence. She was so pretty that every time I looked at her, I could hear pleasant music being played. Classes were musical for me. When teacher used to teach, all I could hear was sweet melodious music.

Time passed, one day after the other but I did not get enough guts to ask her out. I always lacked that courage to ask her. She sometimes used to glance at me, give me shy smiles, but I, like a small boy never had that audacity to ask her. I still remember the day when she came to talk to me.

I was so stunned looking at her beauty that I could speak a word. She gave me the message and waited for my reply. When I looked at her, I totally got zoomed out.

My voice suddenly stopped coming out and got trapped in my neck. I got lost in her beauty. She stared at me for some time and then gave me a strange look and went.

I still curse myself that why I did not respond to her. Our semester was usually 3 months long. At the end of the semester, I saw a guy named Matt, who used to sit left to me, started talking to her. He was dark tone, medium height guy weighing almost 200 pounds.  He asked her out and to our surprise, she said yes. They both dated for around 6-7 months and then parted away.

A few months later, I came to know that the girl, Leslie was actually interested in me. She used to give me shy smiles because she liked me.

But I, like an idiot, missed a golden opportunity of dating a gorgeous girl. I thought for some time and then realized that all I lacked was the self-belief which Matt had. Had I gone and had asked her out, there were more chances that she might say yes. But due to lack of self-belief, I could not.


The Conclusion of success story

From that day, my friends, I don’t remember a single incident where I lacked self-belief. My main message through this incident is that never forget to trust yourself. Always believe in yourself and your capabilities.

The hardest of the goal will become possible only when we start believing that you can do it. So, whenever you come across some difficult situation in life, take a deep breath and tell yourself that yes, I can do this! Keeping this attitude will always take you to success.

All the teenagers have often gone through such incidents so they could relate to my story. I was hoping that they learn something from my story and learn the lesson from my experience.

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