Transform a Bad Situation to a Memorable one!


On Dr Kalam’s first death Anniversary, We were invited to meet Akhilesh Yadav-CM of Uttar Pradesh to Lucknow where Rajyapalji gave us “Kalam Youth Icon” award. While on my way back I decided to do an act of kindness, appreciate what the man Dr Kalam was.

Luckily I even got a dance to do so. While on my flight from Lucknow to Delhi and Delhi to Ahmedabad-I found myself placed next to two smelly 18 year old boys- Sunny and Brijesh. They were smelling heavily, looking out the window, excited for the flight to take off, taking pictures everywhere.

Sunny even bumped into my arm trying to take a photo of him from the window. So, I decided to give away my window seat to the boy. Excited, they jumped on me even before I moved. On talking to them I was informed that they were from Punjab and were travelling for the first time to Oman- to work as waiters for two years on a salary of Rs 21000 and with that they would take care of their mothers.

They were so excited that they showed me the clouds and lights outside the plane. I didn’t find them stinky anymore ‘coz my attitude had changed completely for them.

Soon the air hostess came by and showed Apple juice. Confused, they asked me if they had to pay for it. The hostess smiling said that they need to pay. Discussing in Punjabi they decided to not have the juice. I felt overwhelmed and decided to buy for them.

So I gave Rs. 500 to the air hostess to give 2 juices to both of them. The air hostess smiled and politely said to me that she shall give 300 change in some time. They were poor but satisfied, they said in Punjabi, “O Yaara, ye kya”.


I explained to them that when I was travelling for the first time, someone had gifted me juice too in the flight. Some time later, I stood up to go to the washroom where I found air hostess standing outside. After thinking for sometime I thought to make them feel a little more special and asked air hostess to give the two boys sandwiches to eat from Rs 300 that she was suppose to give me.

Although, I told the hostess to tell them that it was complimentary from the airline. The smiles on the two’s faces made my day when the hostess came by and gave them their sandwiches.

They were persistent on sharing those with me as they were more than happy with the treatment. When the flight landed, the two personally said ‘Thank You’ and smiled at all the air hostess. It made my day!

The flight was never this interesting!

You can be good everywhere!

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