True hero

true hero

It was spring, greenery was spreading everywhere. Our work going was going smooth as there were many volunteers on the board. So, all the full-time volunteers decided to go to a nearby orphanage. We always used to conduct workshops for children there.  A meeting was conducted in which we planned all the games and activities and then all of us went.  Even I went with all of them as spending time with children always gave me happiness. It was 30-45 minutes run and then we reached there. It was a beautiful place, perfect for children. A big play ground and spaciousness were a cherry on the top.

A meeting was conducted in which we planned all the games and activities and then all of us went.  Even I went with all of them as spending time with children always gave me happiness. It was 30-45 minutes run and then we reached there. It was a beautiful place, perfect for children. A big playground and spaciousness were a cherry on the top.

We had an ice-breaking session and then started playing games kabaddi, kho-kho and many other games. We had also got snacks for them so after playing we gave them that. All of them were eating, when a young girl came to me. She was asking many questions  like what type of people are there in this world, how to deal with them and all. Her inquisitiveness about the world really impressed me. She was preparing herself to face the outside world. So, I took her in a garden and started explaining everything to her.

There are two types of people in this world. One that makes us feel positive, their presence inspires us to work harder in life, and they make us feel good and encourage us. On the other hand, there are these pessimistic people whose presence makes work difficult for us.  They often discourage us from trying something new because of their pessimistically confined behaviour. I, refer those negative people as ‘Pappu’ as they drain out all the energy from our self. They are always gloomy, hurt and depressed and make the environment around them also sad. I decided to tell her a story of an old lady whom I once met.

Some months back, I used to regularly visit an old age home located on the outskirts of Ahmadabad. There we were engaged in helping that old age home by supplying them with food, basic necessities and medicines. There was an old lady named ‘Govidaa baa’ I had a habit of going and chatting with every old person living there. One day when I was chatting with her, she told me,” Son, you are doing all good work but I need my BP medicines. My poor daughter does not earn much. It would be of a great help if you provide me with my medicines.” The medicines amounted to 500 bucks per month and we could easily afford that so I assured her that I will make arrangements for her.

Next time when I visited, she again started saying,” My daughter lives in a very pitiable condition. Her husband thrashes her and does not respect her. It would be of a great help if you could help her file a police complain against him.”I was shocked to hear that her daughter was of the age of 60 years and this was her third marriage. I told her that I cannot file a FIR against anybody but I surely go and talk to them regarding this.

So, I went to their home. Looking at that man, I felt he is so feeble that he can hardly kill an ant, thrashing his wife who is a very heavy lady seemed less convincing. Still I chatted with him and tried my best to make him understand the importance of respecting women. After few days, that old lady again called. This time she was requesting me to find a better job for her daughter. She was in one of those people whom we give for finger and they hold our hand. I arranged for a proper job for her in a municipal school where she earned a decent sum of 7000 Rs per month.

I thought that now they might stop calling me, but the frequency of calls increased. Now, when I see her call it used to give me a disgusted feeling. I started avoiding their calls. One day I got a call from that old lady’s daughter. She wanted me to give the details of her daughter in a marriage bureau. She wanted me to find a boy for her daughter. She said as I must be having some contacts in the marriage bureau and thus wanted me to do it. I did not like doing it still I helped her.

I realized that by constantly providing them with help and support is making them handicap. One day she called me again, I, reluctantly picked it u. This time she was asking help for her brother who wanted to start a business. She wanted me to lend him a sum of 50000 Rs as he wanted to start his own business. I denied them as they had forgotten all the good I have done to their family. She started accusing me of saying that rich people like you, make us see big dreams but does not help us in fulfilling them. They were trying me form an emotional guilt on me. Every time I used to talk to that old lady, she used to tell me I am old, I am not well, my daughter does not earn, her husband thrashes her etc. But some where I felt that the reality was different. Her daughter’s husband was so petty; he came down and touched my feet. In a very polite tone, he asked me if I felt he can hit anyone. So, from that day I stopped talking to them. I had cut all my connections with them.

After the period of 6 months, I came to know that all of them very doing well. That old lady’s health was fine, her daughter was earning well, everything was fine between her and her husband. Moreover, her brother has also started a business by taking money from another source. That day, I realized that some people we need to love from distance and cut them off from our life. Because, they are like slow poison. They will slowly and gradually bring us down. We should always surround our self with heroes. And by heroes here, I mean positive and energetic people.

I told her that from this story I want her to understand that all the people whom me meet are not meant to stay in our life. Some people should be loved from distance. The people who bring us down, talk pessimistically with us, about us should be removed from our life. Surrounding our self with positive people will bring positivity in our life. If a pessimistic person is our very close member then we should try to influence them and bring positivity in their life instead of us getting affected by their pessimism. All the people who are positive are heroes; they can be a slum child, an intern or a famous celebrity also. So, ‘be a hero and spread positivity’. There was a big smile on her face. She thanked me and ran away. As it was late evening we all also left for our homes caring beautiful memories of this small innocent children.

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