What was Ram famous for- his strength, smart convictions and patience?


Would Ram have been Ram if he did not face Ravan and all the difficulties he underwent (14 years of Vanvas, fought Ravan for Sita)?

He would not have been “The Ram” had it not been for all the challenges that he had to go through to prove himself to be strong and come out as more powerful.

So in our daily lives, no matter how mundane things we are doing- be it working at office, dinner with family, driving, I feel there is a way that all of us can be Ram. In the sense, the biggest thing that comes across Ram is Anger.

People get hurt easily :

  • Parents complain that you are not spending enough time
  • Boss shouts for being late, siblings fight for things
  • friends get upset because you haven’t met them in long

All of this converts to Anger. Biggest enemy of any person is anger- People completely take the shape of Ravana and they will say the things they don’t mean, they’ll behave rudely and they might even break things. With an anger level of that you loose the act of performing any task with 100% sincerity.

Imagine, if you have had a big fight with your family in morning and then you had to work all day, you are present physically but mentally you are still in bad shape. You’ll be Ravan in some ways- creativity, thought process takes a toll. You keep reaffirming yourself. Thus, It is extremely important to kill that anger.

In every person there are two personalities.

  1.  Ram (being cool and balanced)
  2. Ravana (being angry).


The one you feed more is going to grow more powerful. In an angry situation like that- you retaliate and become Ravana. When someone is super angry you have to wait calmly because in that situation no matter how hard you try, you have to wait for the person to become Ram again to have your thoughts heard.

  • Lots of people question that if you try and stay calm in such a situation will they not repeat it again?
  • Won’t that be a sign of weakness?

But when you think about it, it takes a lot of strength to be calm when someone is blaming you or yelling at you for no reason. So in such a a situation one must Invoke the ram in oneself and not Ravana. As soon as the other person will calm, the situation will look less worse.

Sometimes we say that have anger issues and keep angry all times. By saying such words you yourself are boosting Ravana in your blood. Anger gives you bad health, ugly face, high BP and all kinds of issues.

One way to help all the Ravans convert to Ram is by saying positive words to them. Tell them how you wish they were. Oh, you are cool and calm, Oh, you are kind, Oh, you are keeping super chilled these days. Because everyone tells them that you are angry and crazy so they will believe that about themself. What stands most important is to be all positive and tell them that you are awesome. Appreciate them to live upto. So they can transform into Ram.

One raw mango ruins the entire pack, be that one candle that light up the entire room.

Conclusion :

Stay cool and calm through the entire day without getting angry, upset or irritated, and by the end of the day if you manage to do so- Pat your backs and be a RamSo here I challenge everyone reading the blog to take the “Ram challenge” for a day and see if you yourself can see Ram for a day!As Shah Rukh Khan says in Swades movie’s song-

Man se Ravan jo Nikale Ram Uske Man Mein Hai!

Be Ram and make everyone around you too! RAM IS CONTAGIOUS!

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